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The 10 Do Or Die Principles of Web Design

1. Always Kiss

The saying goes “Keep It Simple, Stupid. ” The most important mistake usually is to overload a site, especially on its index page. Be clear and concise. For example look towards the world's most successful sites for example Google or Facebook. You simply possess a few second to interact the visitor. Make the foremost of them.

2. Be Clearly

Yeah, you do not have to attempt to pronounce it. It is a German word that basically means for something to become easily understood by taking a look at it once. You will know what you‘re attempting to find immediately and just know to will require with a glance. Now apply this concept to web design. Got it? Good. it does not have to take an superman to become clearly.

3. Content is King

 simple your website is, it still needs content. Even when you have a basic product to sell, attempt to provide a visitors something to learn and look into. A normal flow of articles and posts also will assist you searching engine ranking, and videos, free stuff to download and other activities could keep visitors busy and interested.

4. Intuitive Navigation

This goes hand-in-hand with point 2. Each time a visitor hits your website he does not want to need to understand how to apply it. With increased content it might be far better to group links into categories. There is that the unwritten three-click-rule that says that the visitor Shouldn‘t need greater than three clicks to be able to arrive at what He‘s attempting to find. In fact, this does not always work, particularly with larger sites. However you obtain the point. A far more complex service site could use How-To and Help pages, maybe even instructional videos. People adore to watch videos.

5. You Shall not Irritate Your Visitors

Go easy with the things you throw in the visitor. Do not overwhelm all of them with colors and contrasts, images and texts. There‘s a big overuse of stock images and jargon. Attempt to avoid producing the visitor feel dumb and from place. Remember points 1. and 2. during this regard.

6. Be flawless

Nobody is perfect, but your website should try to become. Which means always check for errors and dead links or missing images. This really is particularly essential for catalogs. Spelling and lingo should be also as good as could be. This also connects with point 10.

7. It is All About The Google

They do not call it the Googlenet yet, but we're getting there. Google has established the net's search criteria and it is now the Big Guy upon the playground. Your website needs to obey the rules. Your website has to suit using the prevalent SEO standards so it may rank well searching results. When you are as much as par with Google you will slot in well with another major search engines like google and yahoo, for example Bing and Yahoo.

8. Be Social : Go Hug A Customer

 with social media sites. Facebook, Twitter etc. You depend upon the visitors to talk about and give your information and services. Also, keep in contact along with your clients and prospective customers. Answer questions and become awesome. People always come to people who were nice for them, and social media is a wonderful way to become a Nice Guy.

9. Be Mobile

Make your website responsive, meaning it automatically adapts itself to browser-window sizes. This means then that the page is accessible from phones and tablets. The longer term of the web lies in mobility : anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Ensure your website is up for the.

10. No Rest For The Webmaster

Your website isn‘t finished. Always keep updating it, checking your stats, changing things, adding new things. A website is similar to a store : you can't just open the doors and hope the customers walk in and leave you money. You have to update your inventory, clean it, provides it a brand new paint-job if its getting worn, keep in contact with clients and will keep your codes up-to-date.

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